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For Manufacturing

Odoo offers manufacturers a comprehensive solution for efficient material tracking, production scheduling, quality enforcement, equipment management, inventory control, financial management, procurement, and workforce management. With its modular design and user-friendly interface, Odoo drives productivity and growth.

Why Rightechs for Manufacturing?

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

 It helps optimize resource allocation, create bills of materials (BOMs), schedule production orders, track work in progress, manage routings, and monitor production costs.

Inventory Management

Odoo offers robust manufacturing inventory software capabilities for manufacturers to track and control inventory levels in real-time. It optimizes inventory, reduces costs, and prevents stockouts or overstock situations.

Production Planning


 Enabling users to generate and oversee production orders based on demand projections, customer orders, or inventory levels. It facilitates the scheduling of production tasks, allocation of resources, and tracking of production status.

Quality Process Management

Odoo ensures products meet quality standards with control plans, inspection criteria, and quality checks. Non-conformities are tracked and resolved using Odoo's tools.

Equipment Maintenance Oversight

Users can schedule preventive maintenance tasks, track equipment downtime, and manage maintenance activities efficiently to minimize disruptions to production.

End-to-End Integration

Odoo ERP integrates manufacturing process management including Warehouse, Accounting, Purchasing, and HR. Eliminating data silos and promoting collaboration for streamlined operations.

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