erp solutions For Real Estate 

With the aim of enhancing businesses' competitiveness in the bustling real estate market, we offer a cutting-edge real estate development software solution. Our comprehensive software seamlessly integrates all departments, enabling companies to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and exceed client expectations. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of agents, project developers, and management, our software provides a holistic solution that empowers businesses across the entire industry.

 Why Rightechs for Real Estate Solutions?


1. Real Estate çrm / ERP

 Efficiently manage real estate transactions with an odoo erp system. Track property information, sales, leasing, customer support, and finances in one place. Integrate with Facebook and SMS using a çrm system.


2. Accounting Management

Enhance efficiency in financial and accounting processes for businesses with our automation and management system. Our system effectively tracks:

  • Unit Inventory & Payment Plan Management
  • Customer Installments Management and Cheque Processing
  • Supplier / Subcontracting
  • Project Budget
  • Generates Detailed Reports

3. Customer Support

 One of the key pillars of any business is customer support. This department focuses on assisting customers with their questions and concerns. It involves efficiently managing customer tickets by assigning them to the relevant department and diligently following up until they are resolved. While this process can be demanding and time-consuming, it plays a vital role in fostering a positive rapport with your clients.

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