E-invoice Service

Rightechs Customization Services

Invoices/Credit Notes

Creating clients, products  invoices, credit notes

GS1/EGS Product Coding

Creating products and linking them to their GS1/EGS codes


Integration with USB toket for e-signature 


Reporting & Status

Getting on invoice status from ETA automatically plus reports with status

Mobile App
e-Commerce Mobile App

Add to Cart

Customers select their need products

Sign Up / In

Getting on your customer info

Loyalty Points

Making your customer happy by getting on loyalty points

Select Payment

Let your customer select the suitable payment method


Customer can place his order

Real-Estate Service

Leads / Opportunities

-  Tracking Leads / Opportunities

-  Scheduling Calling and Meetings

-  Follow-up Activities

-  Sending Bulk SMS

-  Integration with Facebook

Reservation / Contracting

-  Showing Available units and Projects

-  Defining  and Collecting Payment Plan

-  Linking with accounting departments (Treasury & Receivables)

- Creating Selling Contracts


- Creating / Managing  Cheques life cycle by easy way

- Managing Treasury /Bank Statement

- Receivable accounts / Payable accounts

- Customer/ Vendor Invoices

- Dynamic / Financial  Reporting

Contracting Service

Tender / Estimation

  • Importing Tender Items using excel sheet
  • Defining  BOQ (Material & Equipment, Man Power)
  • Showing Available stock
  • Defining profit , Overhead, Risk Percentage
  • Linking to Purchase Modules
  • Printing Estimation as Excel or PDF

Project Exception

  • Project Resource Planning
  • Managing Project Tasks
  • Managing receiving and issuing inventory material 
  • Managing internal achieved progress
  • Managing Customer Statements "المستخلصات"


  • Managing Customer Statement and Invoices
  • Subcontractors / Payable accounts
  • Taxes Management
  • Treasury / Bank Statements
  • Analytical accounts (Cost Centers)
  • Financial Reports (Balance Sheet, P&L , Trail Balance, General ledger. ETC)

Our Odoo Customized Apps

Integration with Bank payment on E-commerce

Integration with What's app & Messenger on website

Stock Card Report

Real Cost Method

Purchase Request

Warehouse Restriction

Cheque Management

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