Support Packages  

We offer variable support plans that allow us to provide options that suit both your needs and budget. 


$ 199 .00

/ month 
Billed quarterly
  • 8 hours online/ Month
  • No onsite visits
  • 1 urgent ticket/ Month
  • Payment per extra visit( Hour=38 $)


$ 390 .00

/ month
Billed quarterly
  • 16 hours online/ Month
  • 1 onsite visit/ Month
  • 3 urgent tickets/ Month
  • Payment per extra visit (Hour=32 $)


$ 499 .00

/ month
Billed quarterly
  • 32 hours online/ Month
  • 2 onsite visits/ Month
  • 5 urgent tickets/ Month
  • Payment per extra visit ( Hour=26 $)

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Terms & Conditions
  • Any communication method opening a trouble ticket will be charged as 30 minutes of online support; in case the communication took longer than 30 minutes it will be charged for an hour of support (The method of calculation is to be charged to the closest half an hour).
  • The request for the onsite visit shall be scheduled 2 days ahead. 
  • In case the client's place is outside Egypt, the onsite visit will be replaced with an additional 5 remote hours.
  • Hours, visits and tickets are expired Monthly.
  • The extra visit shall be a minimum 3 hours per visit.
  • Payments shall be made in advance quarterly.
  • Payment can be in EGP based on the Central Bank of Egypt's rate at the payment time (For Egyptian Companies only).
  • Urgent tickets(ex. Server is down), Rightechs will take immediate action, and we can use the call option for that type of ticket.
  • Important (High priority) Issue tickets will be in the progress stage after 1-2 business days from submitting the ticket.
  • Normal (Low priority) issue tickets and questions will be in the progress stage after 2-4 business days from submitting the ticket.
  • Any extra urgent tickets up to 2 extra tickets/ Month, will consumed from the package hours and add an extra cost:

                  - Basic Package: 35 $/ ticket. 

                  - Gold Package: 30 $/ ticket. 

                  - Platinum Package: 25 $/ ticket. 

  • More than 2 extra tickets will be charged out of the package's hours, 100 $/ hr.
  • Our ticketing system is used for submitting the ticket. 
  • During the working time of Business days from Sunday-Thursday (Not Including public holidays) in Egypt.
  • Daily working time starting from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm.
  • Supporting hours out of business days will add an extra cost of 35 $/ Hour  // will invoiced separately.
  • Request on demand will be charged 32 $ per hour remotely.
  •  Request onsite visit on demand shall be requested 72 hours ahead and it will cost 45 $ per hour inside Cairo & Giza ( Minimum hours per visit is 3 hours).